Dry Lining

Dry Lining Insulation


Foamox Spray Insulation compacts air tight into walls and spaces and can be smoothed down so dry lining can be put up easily. With such a neat fit and smooth finish the combination of Foamox Spray Insulation and dry lining fully eliminates cold spots and draughts. It will also provide greater acoustics and will not sag or settle. Essential for that perfect look and a well insulated room and building.

Eliminating cold spots and draughts


Foamox Spray Insulation can be smoothed down after application to give a nice even finish so that the dry lining can be put in place much easier and more effectively, eliminating cold spots and draughts. It also creates a much sturdier wall with better acoustics and noise reduction qualities. Unlike fiber glass wool insulation or loose fill insulation, Foamox Spray Foam Insulation is so much easier to use and makes dry lining an easier job than it should be.


Wood frame insulation dry lining


Our products are excellent for wood frame insulation dry lining and can be achieved with perfect results and smooth finishes. With such a neat fit, you can be sure your dry lining will be left even and error free with an elimination of cold spots or draughts. In any building such as a home, office or hotel you want to make sure that each room is noise insulated. With Foamox Spray Foam Insulation you can be sure that the right acoustics will be met with noise reduction from any other room.

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