Eliminate Dampness

Eliminate dampness in the home


It is easy to apply even to the most difficult areas of structures like cracks and crevices and hard to get attic spaces. This makes our Spray Foam Insulation a very good, air tight insulation seal and noise reduction barrier also.

It is suitable for old and new buildings that require a lifetime long term insulation solution. There are many direct benefits of old building insulation with our products such as reducing the risk of dampness and condensation in any old building big or small.

Old building insulation solution


Here at Foamox, we offer a long term solution for old building insulation with our spray foam products that remain stable over a very long period of time and restore your old building to a comfortable level.

Our spray foam solution for old buildings greatly improves it’s insulation heat transfer coefficient and building insulation thermal resistance which does not degenerate as the years go by, reducing the need for ever replacing and paying for more insulation again as well as preventing those already encountered problems like moisture damage, rot and an unhealthy dampness.


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