Insulation Materials


Foamox specilises in supplying insulation materials to insulation contractors and the insulation industry. We offer many types of insulation material and a large selection of spray foam products that can be baught direct from Foamox.

The products we supply are among the top materials out there and accredited by the leading authorities on insulation.

The spray foam insulation supplied by Foamox have u and R values, making our insulation materials among the best in the world today!

Liquid foam insulation expands into cracks when installed making it very effective in as a sealer to reduce air leakage.

What type insulation material to use?


The spray foam we use is certified and our foam insulation materials are one of the healthiest methods of insulating a building compared to other types of insulation materials.

The insulation contractors that use Foamox materials will assist in deciding what type insulation materials will best suit your needs, be it, open cell foam or closed cell foam.

Environmentally Friendly Insulation Materials


The environment is important to us as it is to all mankind, that is why we use the most eco friendly insulation materials for spray foam insulation that are available at all times

What our customers have to say

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