Open Cell

Open Cell Spray Foam

FOAMOX open cell spray foam insulation is a water blown polyurethane foam with a thermal conductivity of 0.037 W/mk. It can be installed as an independent product to achieve regulatory U-Values and airtightness requirements in most construction buildups. It provides a cost effective, fully breathable insulation solution.

Open Cell Foam Insulation

FOAMOX Open Cell Spray Foam can be installed between rafters to the required thickness in order to provide a particular level of insulation or U-Value. The open cell spray foam can be sprayed proud of the roof rafter to the desired thickness or can be cut flush with the adjacent timbers to allow for plasterboard fixing.

  • FOAMOX Open Cell Spray Foam Is an air barrier but not a vapour barrier and will manage moisture migration through the wall or roof structure
  • Thermal conductivity of 0.037 W/mk (Lambda 90/90).
  • Euroclass E fire rating as a stand alone product. This is unique to open cell spray foam insulation types.
  • Class C sound absorption at 160mm.

CE marked.

Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation

As with all insulation types FOAMOX can be applied to breathable roofing felts when a counter batten is present above the felt and below the tile / slate batten in accordance with Irish and UK Building Regulations. This allows for the necessary ventilation layer above the vapour permeable roofing felt. In circumstances where the roof is not “counter-battened” it is necessary to install ventalation Card to the underside of the felt. This effectively provides a separation layer between the foam and felt to allow for ventilation as required by regulation. FOAMOX open cell spray foam is a certified spray foam . FOAMOX has achieved a Class E Euroclass fire classification as a stand alone product (without plasterboard lining) making it the highest performing spray foam insulation of its type

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